The New Girl

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Category: Featured, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 17:53 Minutes
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Arielle has applied for a waitress job at a very special restaurant in a small college town where she goes to school. She eagerly signs the contract as Miss Heidi hires her, happy to have another sweet girl on the serving staff. In her excitement for a job, Arielle does not look at her contract closely. On her first night, she happens to be serving two very important guests, Mr. and Mrs. Lockran. They look her over, inspecting her like a piece of meat, much to Arielle’s discomfort and confusion. Before she knows it, Miss Heidie is slowly stripping her! Embarrassed and still confused, it finally sinks in that the couple has ordered HER for dinner! She is tonight’s special! Arielle is afraid and shocked! She obediently is taken to the kitchen and Miss Heidie prepares Arielle herself, wanting to be sure it is done right. After all, The Lockrans are regular and well to do guests. Poor Arielle is scared, but enjoys the carrot and gets excited. Miss Heidie cannot help taking a few NIBBLES AND LICKS of Arielle herself! However, since the Lockrans wanted her slow roasted, she does squirm and moan over the flames as she turns slowly, cooking away and dripping in her own juices. She is then served to the guests and enjoyed, a little drowsy, but quickly told to hush up and not interrupt while they are eating!

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