The Spit is Family Part One

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Category: Featured, Great Rumps, Punished!, Women As Food
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Length: 16:46 Minutes
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Part one of an epic two part story about what happens out in the farthest reaches of small town ‘Merica. Agatha and Tasia are kicking back on the porch one afternoon jaw flappin’ the day away. Eventuality, the subject falls on dinner. After all, these folks hunt most of their grub, and they happen top have a taste for a special kind …so the girls are curious what Liam will bring home for them to play with. And this clan indeed enjoys playing with their food. Sure enough, Liam brings home the bacon. With a grin and a kicking little beauty named Carmen Valentina over his shoulder, Liam is providing a lovely fare for his family tonight. The backwards clan eagerly starts to strip frightened and panicking Carmen, who argues that her dad will find them and they will all go to prison. Tasia has to remind Carmen that they are in the middle of no where. Their clan is the law around these parts.. Carmen is stripped and humiliated by the hungry rednecks. She continues to cry and beg as they happily inspect her and matter-of-factly announce their plans for her. Agatha and Tasia enjoy Carmen’s perfect, round rump. Carmen is then strapped to the X and flogged. She is poked and prodded some more as her girl meat is thoroughly inspected and the wicked family ponders how they should dispatch this lovely as soon as they are done playing with her..It looks like the SPIT will be the way Carmen is dispatched…

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