The Spit is Family Part Three

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Category: Featured, Punished!, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 33:00 Minutes
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Deep in the annals of ‘Merica, crazy shit goes down! Get ready for another episode of The Spit is Family. This time we follow the tale of sexy, slim blonde Bella Ink. Bella is a criminal who is determined to get the better end of a deal that her and her partner, D. Ink, are involved in. After a tussle for a case full of cash, Bella finds herself stranded in the desert with a dead car and a dead phone. She has no choice but to hike over to a lone oasis of a house in the middle of nowhere. Bella has no idea what she is in for when she meets Tasia and Liam Lockran and Agatha Delicious, three deranged cannibals who gladly take Bella in. The cannibals threaten to snatch her loot from Bella if she does not cooperate. The greedy, young, ruthless blonde thinks that she may be able to survive this if she plays along…Bella is dragged into the house where she meets more captives, who hang like wiggling pieces of meat as they beg for their life. Bella is forced to help slaughter Kassondra Raine. Bella is disgusted and shocked, but determined to survive. Agatha is impressed with how willing this girl is to cooperate, but she decides to play a game. Jolene Hexx, another victim, is taken down and both her and Bella are strapped to a table side by side and basted with oil. The family now inspects both girls, determining who will go next…Innocent Jolene begs for her life while Bella tries to compromise. Tasia enjoys teasing the two girls with her clown toys and fingers. After all, Tasia is the baby of the family and is prone to child-like behavior. Eventually the two are apple-gagged. It is determined Jolene is to be slaughtered. Both Kassondra and Jolene are processed and turned into meat. Their parts are then BBQ’d for a feast that Bella is now forced to join in. Again, Bella goes along with the insanity like a good, greedy pig. She is truly showing her colors. A good pig is ambitious and willing to feed from life any way it can. The family enjoy bits of the dead girl’s tits, pussies and thighs and rumps. Now it is time to put Bella through one last test. Bella is strung up and tortured by the family. She is burned with cigars, whipped, flogged and brought to an unwilling orgasm by Agatha, who enjoys her raw flavor. Tasia starts to fall in love with her food, kissing it and playing with the new blonde toy. Will Bella get to keep her cash and escape? All I can say is that our story ends with a brutal live spit roast up the place where the sun don’t shine!

Bloody version here!

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