The Wastes: Ritual of Flesh

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Category: Bountiful Breasts, Featured, Free Movies!, Ravenous Women, Sacrifices, Spit Muffins, Tribal and Tiki themed Tales, Women As Food
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Length:  22:21 Minutes
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Our story takes place in the far, far future, after many great wars and the destruction of the world as we know it. Busty, beautiful Elsa, (Codi Vore), wanders through an unknown wasteland, far from her home. Elsa comes from a civilized city in Southland, the last place in the world where life is soft and the water still flows. Elsa and her team were sent out to explore the forgotten wastes where old technology and ruins lie dormant. It is a chance to bring the world out of the dark age it is in. Elsa runs into a fearsome tribe lead by the infamous and stunning Queen Ishta,(Tegan Trex). Elsa does not realize until it is too late that her fate shall not be determined by logic, but by spiritual rites….and hunger. Elsa finds herself in a cage next to lovely Mofra, (Ashley Wolf), a naughty yet resigned tribe member who is excited to endure the perilous ceremony they will be obligated to partake in. The two girls are made to fight. One will be sacrificed and spit roasted alive, and one will be initiated. Elsa sees the capability of these cannibals as she watches Mishnay, (Jamie Alexander), get sacrificed before her eyes. Lex, (Tasia Lockran), the one who greeted Elsa when she was captured, heads the sacrifice and Elsa sees what her fate may be. Only the gods can decide who is deserving of the spit. And Elsa will learn quickly that her way of thinking does not apply here.


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