The Witch’s Wheel

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Women As Food
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Length: 22:46 Minutes
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Well, anyone who knows this site knows that Halloween starts in September! So yes, this is an early Halloween special but hell, why not? I’m excited to present for the first time two brand new models to Delish Media. Please welcome the sadistic dominatrix Nyxon and the sweet, red-headed damsel Ivy Nyx! In this tale, Ivy is left alone on Halloween night by her friends, who were supposed to go with her to a costume party. Sad and bored and all dressed up as an Autumn fairy, Ivy discovers a trail of candy leading to a strange and spooky door….Suddenly, Ivy finds herself is a twisted Halloween work of wonder! Unfortunately for our damsel, this other world is owned by a wicked witch named Nyxon. Many strange and fantastical things befall Ivy…there is candy, bondage, cages, a good witch, a bad witch and a magical wheel. But every time Ivy spins the wheel, she winds up in a stranger predicament! Finally, the young girl ends up as dinner for the evil witch. Ivy cries and begs as she is prepped, cooked and served up as a Samhain sacrifice!

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