Thiccness Protection: Madison’s Safehouse

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Length: 25:00 Minutes
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Madison Sky is greeted by Agatha Delicious who is helping the curvy young blonde enter into thiccness protection. Girl eaters have been hunting all the thicc, meaty girls, so the protection program helps to preserve this curvier quarry, moving them out of state, helping them change their names, etc. Madison is unaware, however, that Agatha is ALSO a girl eater, using the program to hunt and hide in plain site. Madison falls  in the safehouse, feeling her meaty body and pondering how tasty indeed she would be to people eaters…but she soon awakens bound in rope. Agatha, who has bound Madison in her relaxed time, proceeds to tell her that she is terminally fucked. Madison will be food. The pleading girl is taken to a dark room where she is to be well tenderized before dispatch and processing. Agatha enjoys pinching and inspecting her prey. Then she gags the noisy lass with an apple and tastes her delicious cunt filet. Agatha is turned on and hungry as she oils up Madison to make her skin extra supple for processing. Once the squirming and bewildered girl is well basted, Agatha brings her to orgasm. This will make the meat extra tender. Madison moans and grows wet despite her predicament. She thrusts her tight little pink pussy up as Agatha fucks her with a big carrot and vibes Madison’s horny clit. Maison orgasms hard, squirting everywhere as she submits to her fate. Now it is time to process…and eventually ready a thick thigh for the oven. Yum


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