Three Lil’ Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Punished!, Women As Food
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Length: 28:44 Minutes
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In this fetish fairy tale there lives three little pig girls named Tasia Lockran, Hurricane Maria and Carmen Valentina. Maria warns her happy go lucky sisters that the big bad wolf is coming to town. But they just laugh at her. Sure enough, the Big Bad Wolf manages to trick the girls into opening the door. When they realize who he is, he huffs and puffs and blows the door in! The pig girls are in for an awful shock as the wolf, played by Liam Lockran, grabs each one, stripping them down and feeling their plush, healthy bodies. He gets the piggies all in a row, rumps up, as he flogs them good. Then he inspects them further, drooling over his prize. The tender, young, foolish piggies beg and plead and bargain. B.B. Wolf just enjoys himself, chaining them all up on their backs and toying with them some more as they cry and beg. Then he takes them into his big cave and kitchen, preparing them for his oven! The Wolf bastes them down, slathering up their tight pussies and bouncing tits as they lay all in a row, squirming and sobbing. He contemplates who to stick the piggy tail in and his decision falls on Tasia. B.B Wolf shoves the tail up her pink, tight, round little rump as she squeals. Then he puts the pig nose on her. Next comes the apples as he gags each pig girl. Then, finally, they roast away in the oven for the wolf’s monstrous feast!

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