To Spit a Schoolgirl (ON SALE!)

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Category: Punished!, School Time, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 10:00 Minutes
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Alexa Nova is never nice to new girls. Daisy Del Rea is new to the school and Alexa decides to initiate the innocent little newcomer with a first day SPANKING while Agatha Delicious, the teacher, is out of the classroom. Agatha walks in and is infuriated. Agatha is angry at Alexa, but even more disappointed in Daisy for being weak willed and allowing the bully to spank her. Ms. Delicious decides to punish both girls. She makes both BRATS to strip down naked. Then she decides what she wants to do with these bad girls. The cruel teacher makes Alexa to take Daisy to the cafeteria and spit the new girl up her tight, new pussy. Daisy is, after all, weak and impressionable, as well as wonderfully tender. She has no other purpose in Ms. Delicious’s eyes other than to be roasted for the school’s lunch. Distraught Alexa is obligated to shove the spit up Daisy until it comes out of her sweet, gurgling lips. Then the spit is placed on the special, high tech cafeteria kitchen spit that turns on a machine so that Alexa can baste the poor whimpering and spit-gagged girl as she turns round and round, roasting ALIVE and turning delicious and moist and tender.

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