Bratty Melina Grinds gets her Notice Part One

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Category: Punished!, Taboo, Women As Food
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It is the year 3015. There is a new land called the U.S.A.X. In this country, women are required by law to be used for various practical purposes. Most women are selected for their meat. Every year, a family shall receive a notice determining which female in their household is to be processed for food. In this tale, Melina Grinds is being a real BRAT towards her m0ther, Mariah Grinds. To Mommy’s delight, her nasty girl receives a processing letter in the mail. It is the m0ther’s duty to prepare, cook and serve her little girl to the town , Dodge Cutz, as well as her family before donating the rest of Melina to the food bank. Melina is defiant but ends up in the pan. Mariah rips off her girl’s clothing and teases her about being dinner. She then starts to baste the brat, reminding her what a little bitch she has been. But does Melina really like it? Is she just being rebellious…


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7 months ago
I would love to see them return in more videos, they are an excellent duo and tasty too
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