Heel To Plate

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Category: Featured, Great Rumps, Livestock, Sacrifices, Slaves Happy to Serve, W.E. themed, Women As Food
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Length: 8:00 Minutes
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Larz Stord is in the process of purchasing a live meatgirl from Heel To Plate, a high end Femme Flesh Facility that finishes and butchers girls either captured or born for the purpose of being eaten. Ziva Fey, one of the sales reps for Heel To Plate, helps Larz with her purchase, introducing the live product(Ruby Vuitton), to Larz and allowing her customer to inspect the meat. The Femme presented is nervous, but ultimately understands her fate. She never really thought that her number would be called, but being one of the volunteers who chose a life of luxury and ease in exchange for the possibility of being chosen, her day was bound to arrive. Deep down she knows this was meant to be her destiny and the notion arouses her, much to the annoyance of her buyer, who only sees her as a collection of chops, filets, steaks and other tasty bits to be parted out and cooked. Larz is, however, happy with the quality of the meatgirl, even if the product’s disposition is a bit of an inconvenience. Ziva apologizes and assures Larz that a prime and well bred product like this one will exhibit arousal. Larz can tell this girl will be top quality and goes along with the purchase. Soon Larz has a wide selection of cuts to choose from for weeks to come. The various bits are prepared, cooked and served by Larz to her guests and family. You can always expect top quality from Heel To Plate.


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