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Based on a classic Twilight Zone episode called ‘To Serve Man’, our story opens a few years after the alien race called the Kanamits have landed on Earth. During this time, the Kanamits have proven to be extremely helpful to the entire human race. Militaries and borders have been dissolved. Poverty, disease and all the harsh realities of life are now a thing of the past with the technology that the Kanamits have brought. Oddly, these creatures have seemed to ask for no favor in return, except to invite selected humans to come live with them on their planet every few months. People are at ease and cared for, grateful for the gifts that have been brought from another galaxy. Some, however, do not trust the Kanamits. Galva Freeman is one of these people, and has reason to believe that the intentions of these extraterrestrials are not so pure. Galva’s aunt, who worked for the US Embassy, vanished after discovering some disturbing news about what these aliens were really up to. Galva leads a group of skeptics and eventually finds herself detained by the Kanamits. She is about to learn the truth about the ultimate goal that the aliens have.


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