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Tomiko Wonka is the girl of the famous Willee Wonka and has been in charge of her company for years now. The whole world has noticed that the quality of Wonka candy has gone down quite a bit. But Ms. Wonka does not seem to care since her profits are up. Today, the Women as Food Network does an interview in an Exclusive documentary on the problems of Wonka Industries. What does our channel have to do with candy companies? Well…it seems the Oompa Loompas have been falling into vats of radioactive material in the factory and coming our as 7 foot tall monsters with an appetite for women flesh! I, Agatha, go deep into the depths of this place and interview Funny Bone, an Oomp Loompa who has been changed. He tells us the woes of being mutated and working in such terrible conditions under this tyrant. I also interview Tomiko Wonka, who denies these rumors of poor conditions and quality. But soon things take a turn for the hungry! Funny Bone actually trapped his employer and decides to eat her! After all, part of the mutation is craving woman flesh. Watch what happens in the documentary as we journey into the woman eating world of mutated Oompa Loompa and a stuck up, authoritarian boss!


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