Queen Makayla’s Cauldron

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Category: Bound Beauties, Featured, On Sale!, Sacrifices, Women As Food
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Length: 19:49 Minutes
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Makayla Cox plays the queen of the Amazons in a land far away from civilization. Shavelle Love’s plane has crashed here, and young, sexy Shavelle is the last one alive. Sure enough, she is captured by the queen’s right hand man, Uncle Mega, who drags Shavelle to the queen’s hut. Queen Makayla is overjoyed and pleased with this ‘civilized’ creature. The queen decides to inspect and toy with the girl herself. Makayla strips the terrified innocent, who is confused and afraid and just wants to go home. The Amazon Queen then decides to taste the girl ‘raw’, licking up the sweet juices of Shavelle’s frightened but wet sex. The queen decides that the girl must be tenderized. Shavelle is a nit confused by the meaning of this, but all shall be revealed soon enough. The Queen spanks her captive well and Shavelle starts to learn about what her fate is going to be. Sure enough, a hot, boiling cauldron awaits the girl as the Queen and her tribe dance around Shavelle, bound and gagged with an apple in the hot pot, while she boils alive!

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Ian dolcett
Ian dolcett
1 month ago

Very sexy tribal theme 😘

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