Red Room: Room 6

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Category: Damsel in Distress, Featured, Sacrifices, Women As Food
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Length: 13:30 Minutes
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Mars Selene has applied for an elite position for a mysterious and large organization called G.E.E.(Global Epicurean Enterprises). Being a recent culinary graduate, Mars is thirsty to get her feet wet. She does not know much about this company, but does know that the pay is very good. The interview process has been extensive and untraditional, but she has made it to the final interview. Mars meets Agatha, who quickly assesses Mars’s best attributes. Agatha alone is the one who decides at G.E.E. where new recruits are placed. When Mars starts to realize she has made a mistake, it is already too late. She has entered the infamous Red Room.

Agatha toys with Mars, enjoying her before the final moment. The club members watch, excited to witness the fresh meat dispatched. Agatha tastes every inch of Mars’s body, bringing the frightened girl to orgasm before the final moments with her skillful tongue and an oil massage. Mars is inspected and humiliated before the viewers, as well as made to answer several questions. The members of G.E.E. like to know about the contents of what they are eating. Mars is given an efficient end and drained. She is ready to be processed.

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