Red Roses for the Witch

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Punished!, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 19:22 Minutes
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Alex Coal and Gypsy are two red roses who have been running, hoods and all, away from the big bad wolf. These damsels have managed to escape the wicked wolf as our story opens, but now they are lost in a very strange forest. Gypsy spots a house in the distance, and both girls foolishly wander inside without knocking, hoping the owner of the house will take pity on them. After all, they do not want the wolf to catch up with them, so they need to seek shelter as soon as they can. Unfortunately for the lost young girls, the house belongs to an evil and hungry witch played by Violet October. Alex and Gypsy have fallen into the witch’s trap, and now she undresses them, stripping away their dignity as they stand in shock, unable to do anything, and proclaims her plans for them both. The girls are afraid and beg but the witch is too powerful. The evil temptress drags her prey to the kitchen where she decides to tenderize them with a good spanking. Then she makes meek and obedient Gypsy to help prepare her feisty freind, Alex. Alex gets a bit too mouthy for the witch, who gags the sassy strumpet with an apple. Now it is time to pop Alex into the oven. After Alex is cooked, the witch feasts on the girl’s flesh, making Gypsy to taste some. Poor Gypsy cannot help admitting how good her freind tastes. But this witch is very evil, and very hungry. Violet decides that she wants dessert. It is now Gypsy’s turn to be cooked, but she is going by way of spit to the witch’s table!

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