Rose Red Rose White and the Ravenous Wolf

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Great Rumps, Women As Food
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Length: 22:31 Minutes
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Our tale takes place in a world of dark and kinky legends. Rose White, (Agatha Delicious), is lounging in her cottage, waiting for her favorite lover, Rose Red, (Cheeky), to come see her, when she is paid an unexpected visit from the Big Bad She Wolf, (Agatha Delicious). The wicked wolf disguises herself as Rose white after devouring the surprised maiden. When Rose Red comes over to play, the wolf tricks the naive and bootylicious girl, dressed up as Rose White and stripping a giggling Rose Red as she licks her chops, before revealing herself to Red. Poor Rose Red finds out too late that her girlfriend is eaten and that the WOLF has her trapped. Red is prepared by the hungry wolf in Rose White’s kitchen. The wolf grabs and jiggles and slaps bounded Red’s big, juicy rump as she peels off her red stockings and bastes the terrified girl. Then the wolf STUFFS Red’s tight cunt filet with bananas and veggies before she pops the girl into the HOT oven to roast away. Then the Big Bad She Wolf licks Red’s bones clean as she laughs and plots her next evil escapade.


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