Cooking with Sydney

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Category: Bound Beauties, Documentaries and Cooking Shows, On Sale!, Punished!, W.E. themed, Women As Food
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Length: 15:31 Minutes
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Sydney Cyntana presents Cooking with Sydney on the Women as Food Network. She has a guest star today who is in for a surprise! Rebellious Arielle Aquinas is excited to be featured on the show but has no idea that her frustrated parents have donated her to Sydney to COOK alive on live television. Arielle offers a healthy amount of sarcasm, attitude, excitement and, eventually, terror, as Sydney reveals that she is not just being uses as an example, but will be the main dish! Sydney enjoys interacting with us viewers as she banters with the brat and tricks her into allowing herself to be stripped and inspected. When the time comes for Arielle to know her fate, it is too late. Arielle begs and cries and argues, exclaiming that she wont taste good because she likes junk food too much. Sydney winks and says, “I can tell, honey” as she smiles at the audience and then pops the brat into her oven. Arielle cries as she bakes alive and Sydney serves the girl at the end for us all to see the lovely presentation. Thanks for the donation, mom and dad!

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