Tasia’s Treats: Lottery Winners! Part ONE

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Category: Documentaries and Cooking Shows, Slaves Happy to Serve, Taboo, W.E. themed, Women As Food
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Length: 11:47 Minutes
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In our first W.E. channel exclusive presented by Master Chef Tasia Lockran, sweet little teen Anastasia Rose and her sexy older sister Nadia White are the guests of honor. Anastasia’s number is up and she is proud to be featured on Tasia’s famous show. She knows her dad is watching at home and is very proud. Sister Nadia is proud, also, to help prepare her little sister. Tasia knows that Dad and all us viewers are watching at home and welcomes us! She has Nadia help as Anastasia is stripped and happily placed in the pan. The girl is tied up and the preparation starts…But what is this? The reality of having her number called is starting to dawn on Anastasia..she did not realize that this could hurt…and now she is afraid and sobs a bit. But her loving sister Nadia and Tasia assure the girl that she should be proud. Nadia reminds Anastasia of the books daddy used to read them about the Chosen One. This is the greatest honor a woman can want in life. Anastasia sees the light and is suddenly very turned on. They bring her to the heights of pleasure as the process continues..

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