The Maidens and the Ass Troll Part One

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Category: Bound Beauties, Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Free Movies!, Great Rumps, Monsters and Aliens, Women As Food
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Length: 18:32 Minutes
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Alexa Nova and Noah Bensi are playing one day in a magical forest. Alexa, being the naughtier of the two young damsels, produces a magical dildo from her pocket that a witch gave her. Apparently it will take them to a land of pleasure, but the witch never gave any instructions on how to use it. Noah is nervous bu Alexa coaxes her and soon they are both playing with the enchanted toy, seeing amazing colors as they orgasm and make love to one another. Alexa slides the dildo in and out of Noah’s pussy and Noah reciprocates, fucking Alexa with it until Alexa moans in pleasure. But Alexa, being a bit of an anal slut, wants to try putting the dildo in her ass. Noah, who happens to be an anal virgin, is afraid! She is worried some evil magic spell may happen if they stick the toy in the wrong hole. But again, Alexa convinces her otherwise, and starts to shove the dildo in her tight, slutty butt. This excites Noah, and Alexa helps her take it in her sweet virgin rump, but just then, both girls magically appear in a dark cave! Little did they know that the enchanted dildo would take them to the enchanted cave of the evil, kinky and hungry ASS troll! The monster inspects the trembling prey. He loves nothing more than young, tender anal virgins for dinner, and chooses poor Noah first, pulling the crying girl from her freind as they lay chained in the cave. But Alexa is put to work as Noah is hog tied, tits up, on the table. Alexa is obligated to help prepare her freind! Noah cries and Alexa trembles, but soon starts to notice how tasty her freind looks as the troll laughs and the start of a wild and kinky preparation unfolds!



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